Canada Mahjong Federation (CMF) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated federally in Canada and a member of......


Mahjong is a mentally challenging game or sport that is suitable for people from children (3+) to seniors. Mahjong is beneficial for intellectual development and hand-eye coordination. Many studies have shown mental stimulation can help to prevent or delay diseases such as senile dementia. CANADA MAHJONG FEDERATION opens doors to everyone who is interested in playing mahjong. Our services to members include training, practice, tournaments and so on. If you are interested in mentally stimulating games, probabilities and mathematics, or if you would like to make friends, CMF would be a good place for you.

Learn to play Gin Rummy, a card game that is simliar to Mahjong!
2018 Maple Cup SBR Tournament



We are looking for volunteers who can help us in projects, services, and tournaments.  High school students are welcome!