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2018 Maple Cup SBR Tournament 


The first SBR Competition in Canada Mahjong history, 2018 Maple Cup SBR Tournament, was held on February 18. After 5 sessions’ competition, Samuel Zhao won the Championship, Ning Wang and Crystal Cai received the Runner Up and Third Place, respectively. Congratulations!














The competition was hosted by Maple Quest Association, organized by Federation of Canadian Sichuanese Associates and supported by CANADA MAHJONG FEDERATION. The players were elites from undergraduates, engineers, musicians, retirees, etc. Players’ seats were randomly arranged in the 1st session and Swiss system was applied in 2 to 5 sessions. After 4 sessions, four players sitting at table #1 in 5th session, Samuel Zhao (TP15/MP30) , Bright Song (TP14/MP33), Ning Wang (TP12.5/MP36)  and Tina (TP12/MP25), all had chances to win the championship. In the 5th session, Samuel Zhao got TP2/MP-5, Bright Song obtained TP1/MP-18, Ning Wang gained TP4/MP15 and Tina was TP3/MP8. Finally, Samuel Zhao kept his first place with TP17/MP28 and Ning Wang jumped up to the 2nd position with TP16.5/MP51. Three players Bright Song, Tina and Crystal Cai from table #2 were tied in Table Points 15, after comparing Match Points and following the competition rule, Crystal Cai stepped on the podium.



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