Leo Chi Zhang Won Gold Medal in 2019 Canadian Mahjong Championships

-SBR Tournament


2019 Canadian Mahjong Championships - SBR Tournament was held in North York Ontario on October 5 and 19. There are 10 sessions with randomly sitting in the 1st session and swiss-system from the 2nd session to the 10th session. CMF and MQA thank all participants. 

After 2 days 10 sessions' competition, No.9 player Leo Chi Zhang, No. 27 player Alexander Levin and No. 36 player Qiang Cheng won the gold, silver and bronze metal, respectively. Leo Chi Zhang also won both of the highest single session match points  and the highest single hand points. Congratulations to them!

Leo Chi Zhang got 40 match points in the 8th session to take the title of the highest single session match points and the highest single hand points by 24 points from his waiting hand of seven pairs plus one root in the last hand of the 8th session.