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2019 Maple Quest SBR Mahjong Tournament 






2019 Maple Quest SBR Mahjong Tournament was successfully held on Saturday January 26 in North York Ontario. This competition was hosted by Maple Quest Association and supported by CANADA MAHJONG FEDERATION. After 6 sessions’ competition, Qiang Cheng won the Championship, Changqi Wu and Jing Shi received the Runner Up and Third Place, respectively. Also, Jing Shi, Emily Gong, Alexander Levin, Caitlin Levin, Yi Wang/Cynthia Sui and Fred Neeser got the highest Match Points on each session. Congratulations to all winners! 

CANADA MAHJONG FEDERATION began to promote SBR in January 2018, and new players have gradually joined. The youngest player in this competition was Caitlin Levin, a grade 7 student. Even she was the youngest player and this was her first-time mahjong competition, she did very well. She got 28 the highest match points in the 4th session. Fred Neeser, a MCR fan, had learned to play SBR less than a month. In this competition, his performance was getting better and better. He was from the wrong tile quantities in hand, invalid winning hand to the highest match points 32 in the final session. In the end of the day, he said: Thanks for the tournament. I learned a lots from today’s competition. Jing Shi also knew SBR for only two weeks, but she did well in the 1st session and played in the 1st table which contained top 4 players after the sessions played in the entire competition and finally finished the third place.


In the 1st table of the final session, the scores of the top four players were very closed. Among them, who could win the last hand and who would be the champion. After 5 sessions, The table points (TP) and match points (MP) of the four players were Changqi Wu 14/30, Qiang Cheng 14/23, Jing Shi 12.5/33 and Yi Wang 12.33/27. In the last hand of the competition, Qiang Cheng won the first by a self-drawn to get 6 match points, Changqi Wu then had two kongs, if he could be the second winner by a self-drawn, he would surpass Qiang Cheng, but it was regretted since he did not win on this hand. Qiang Cheng finally won the competition. Matthew Zhang, director of Maple Quest Association, presented the winning certificates to the Champion Qiang CHen, Runner Up Changqi Wu and the Third Place Jing Shi. In addition, CANADA MAHJONG FEDERATION gave the champion Qiang Cheng an award card - Free attending Maple Quest SBR in the future. Congratulate them again!

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