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       MCR Team Competition Duplicate Format Successful Landing in Canada

On Saturday, June 30, CANADA MAHJONG FEDERATION VIP Membership Day, a dozen MCR players tried on MCR Team Competition Duplicate Format. 

Most people think luck is the major factor of wining mahjong game and its technique is very low. Even though MCR requires to reach 8 points to get a winning hand, the luck is still high. That is why Mahjong could not be recognized as a mind sport by the world authorities although the World Mahjong Organization had launched the International MCR Tournaments since 2005. In 2015, International Mahjong League established and brought the Duplicate Format into MCR Competition, which led International Mind Sports Association accepted Mahjong as an international official mind sport. Duplicate Format can eliminate the influence of the tile factor on the results of the competition, which is confirmed in this competition as well.

Below are the players’ match points after one session.

It is easier to see from the form above that the players sitting on the North in the starting position had better tiles and they could get winning hands faster. If this is under normal competition circumstance, whoever sits on this position would easily win the game and get 4 Table Points. But in the Duplicate Format, it is the comparison among the players with the same starting hand and the same wall tiles, then converts the match points (ms) into the international match points (IMP). 

Here are the players’ IMP after one session.

From the above table, you can see that although A1 and C2 players’ match points (ms) are negative, but their IMP are positive; and B2 and D1 players are the opposite.


Each hand’s ms and IMP are following. The same color square represents those players coming with the same tiles.

After one session and additional one round, Team A won this MCR Team Competition Duplicate Format.

This successful experience of the MCR Team Competition Duplicate Format will be much helpfully for CMF to organize the further MCR Team Competitions. Also, CMF hopes the Duplicate Format can gradually improve mahjong players’ technical skills.

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