2021 Maple Quest SBR Mahjong Tournament 






Maple Quest SBR Tournament is a yearly event and holds during Chinese New Year. It was paused in last year due to covid-19. This year, we decided to use the web resources and divided it into Preliminaries and Finals.


The Preliminaries was combined with “Chinese New Year 2021 SBR Online Tournament” which was hosted by mahjongsoft.com website on February 14. Total 40 players from 9 countries including 17 Canadian players participated in the competition. After 5 sessions’ matches, Canadian players swept the top three.


The Finals used an online automatic mahjong table which could simulate the offline situation. The website called mahjongfriendsonline.com. The best 8 Canadians from “Chinese New Year 2021 SBR Online Tournament” were qualified for the Finals. Alexander Levin was as a Referee and Leo Zhang was as a Referee assistant and a substitute player.


























After 2 sessions’ competition, player Nick Piccinin won the Finals, and he had achieved the 1st place on February 14 as well. The 1st Runner up went to Changqi Wu, and he had been in the ranking 3 on February 14. The president of CANADA MAHJONG FEDERATION Gracie Wang was in the 2nd Runner up.










CMF set up SBR Competitive Level (SBR CL) system to recognize the players who finished the Finals. Nick Piccinin reached the current highest SBR CL 4; Changqi Wu got SBR CL 3; Gracie Wang, Bob Jiang and Jing Shi were rated 2; Jim Gong ang Jeremy Lyn were 1.












Congratulations to all awarded players!